1st Trade, Got Rkt, Tell me what I did wrong?

I’m new here. I’ve ben trying to learn and decided I understood what was going on enough try my first trade. mETH swap price was aprox 3pct more than the oracle price so I figured I’d try to capture a small profit. I minted 2.185 mETH with $10,000 UDT as collateral (250pct “safe level” collateral). I sold the 2.185mETH for $4,086.

I thought there was still one leg of this trade I needed to complete to close it out (buy back the mETH at a (hopefully) lower price to close out my minted position at a small profit) but I no longer have a minted position. All I have is $16k of UST, which is $6k less than I started with, no open positions.

What did I do wrong here?

Update: For some reason my minted position did not show up for 30 minutes. I refreshed the page a bunch of times, nothing. Then suddenly it showed up and I was able to complete my trade as I had planned. Very strange.

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Sometimes you need to go to a different tab and go back to the page for it to pop up.

It seems like a front-end problem which we will look into. @sim @thisisjoe

Sorry to hear that you had this experience.
I think there was a problem with fetching data from the chain while you were trying to check your Mint position.

This issue is now known to our team, so we’ll try to prevent this from happening.

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