A copy of the Mirror web app

(Reposted from the Mirror Discord server)

For whatever it’s worth I’ve made a copy of the Mirror web app: https://mirrorprotocol.nfshost.com

It’s based on the last snapshot of mirrorprotocol.is taken by archive.org and it should work exactly the same.

As for building from source, it’s more complicated. The README is outdated and misleading but even if you build the app successfully, it doesn’t send transactions to the Station wallet correctly. I’ll try to look into this issue some time next week.


https://mirrorprotocol.nfshost.com was the first fully functional Mirror webapp site created and published after the official sites went offline on 28th October (the official websites came back online after about 2 weeks). The idea of using an archive.org snapshot was borrowed by other sites and those sites were aggressively promoted on this forum as can be easily seen.

Since 20th November https://mirrorprotocol.nfshost.com is no longer based on an archive.org snapshot. It’s built directly from source (the build script and patches are available at https://mirrorprotocol.nfshost.com/buildfiles). Other than the official websites AFAIK this is the only fully functional version independently built from source.

More working sites

Terra network:

Etherium network:


Terra network:

Etherium network:

(eth-web-dapp.vercel.app - this site seems to have been deleted).

Can anyone in the community confirm that the new mirror websites are actually working? Thanks in advance, frens

Better to ask in telegram chat

If you’re asking about my post, I’ve been a member of this forum and the Discord server long enough and I wouldn’t have published a broken or malicious website. (I won’t comment on other forum users who have posted in this thread about their own copies of the Mirror web app.)

If you want to use official websites only, you should use https://station.terra.money/contract and interact with the contracts manually.

Also, a reminder that Mirror has only one official Telegram group which has been read-only for users since May and inactive since August.