A copy of the Mirror web app

(Reposted from the Mirror Discord server)

For whatever it’s worth I’ve made a copy of the Mirror web app: https://mirrorprotocol.nfshost.com

It’s based on the last snapshot of mirrorprotocol.is taken by archive.org and it should work exactly the same.

As for building from source, it’s more complicated. The README is outdated and misleading but even if you build the app successfully, it doesn’t send transactions to the Station wallet correctly. I’ll try to look into this issue some time next week.


https://mirrorprotocol.nfshost.com was the first fully functional Mirror webapp site created and published after the official sites went offline on 28th October (the official websites came back online after about 2 weeks). The idea of using an archive.org snapshot was borrowed by other sites and those sites were aggressively promoted on this forum as can be easily seen.

Since 20th November https://mirrorprotocol.nfshost.com is no longer based on an archive.org snapshot. It’s built directly from source (the build script and patches are available at https://mirrorprotocol.nfshost.com/buildfiles). Other than the official websites AFAIK this is the only fully functional version independently built from source.

More working sites

Terra network:

Etherium network:


Terra network:

Etherium network:

(eth-web-dapp.vercel.app - this site seems to have been deleted).

Can anyone in the community confirm that the new mirror websites are actually working? Thanks in advance, frens

Better to ask in telegram chat

If you’re asking about my post, I’ve been a member of this forum and the Discord server long enough and I wouldn’t have published a broken or malicious website. (I won’t comment on other forum users who have posted in this thread about their own copies of the Mirror web app.)

If you want to use official websites only, you should use https://station.terra.money/contract and interact with the contracts manually.

Also, a reminder that Mirror has only one official Telegram group which has been read-only for users since May and inactive since August.

The tax has been supported on https://mirrorprotocol.nfshost.com since 3rd December. This change fixed errors caused by the tax when buying mAssets and long farming. (For the link to source patches and the build script, see the first post.)

It’s possible that the hostnames www.mirror.finance, mirrorprotocol.app, mirrorprotocol.is and whitelist.mirror.finance will stop working after 15th January because of a Cloudflare migration requirement. This warning can be seen in the headers:

$ curl -sS --head https://mirrorprotocol.app | grep -i cloudflare-web3-deprecation
cloudflare-web3-deprecation: This hostname will be deprecated on January 15th, 2023. If you are the site administrator, please refer to https://developers.cloudflare.com/web3/reference/migration-guide

The Mirror webapp by default uses whitelist.mirror.finance and doesn’t work without it.

For https://mirrorprotocol.nfshost.com I’ve made the change to stop using whitelist.mirror.finance, instead, a copy of the whitelist from https://github.com/Mirror-Protocol/whitelist is made during the build process. As always, the build script and patches can be found on https://mirrorprotocol.nfshost.com/buildfiles.

So prepare for Mirror to go down again at or around January 15th?

Yes, the hostnames of the official websites hosted with IPFS will probably go down, unless their owner migrates them or Cloudflare changes its policy. The hosted content itself will still be accessible through IPFS gateways but it will be of limited use.

Terra Classic gas prices increased 5x because proposal 11243 passed. I updated the gas price on https://mirrorprotocol.nfshost.com on Sunday.

Hi, it seems https://mirrorprotocol.nfshost.com/ is down as well, also I can’t do

{“withdraw”:{}} from Station

to withdraw MIR award, can someone please help?

Hi, it seems https://mirrorprotocol.nfshost.com/ is down as well, also I can’t do

{“withdraw”:{}} from Station

to withdraw MIR award, can you please help?

The Mirror webapp requires a Mantle server and the only publicly available server (columbus-mantle.terra.dev) is down since 2 days ago.

Since the interchain Station update, the Contract page no longer supports Terra Classic, only Terra 2 is supported.

terrad (the command-line client) works well: https://classic-docs.terra.money/docs/develop/how-to/terrad/README.html

There are also forks of station.terra.money created by other groups: https://station.classic-terra.com/contract and https://station.terrarebels.net/contract, but it seems you need the Rebel Station extension or Leap Wallet to use them.

Also the Station Android app hasn’t been updated for the interchain. The Contract page in the app (More → Contract) still seems to works fine on Terra Classic (if the fee currency is set to LUNC).

–it seems terrad is quite difficult to use for non programmer
—is it possible to use mnemoric from station in Rebel Station?

Thanks a lot!

That’s true, but Mirror is not for everyone at this point. It’s been falling apart for many months and people who are still here should know what they are doing.

Yes, they are compatible.

From other Terra-related Discord servers I know that some people have been using Terra Station Desktop for Windows/Mac/Linux (not the browser extension) to execute commands on contracts, too. I don’t know if they are using the latest version or an older version.

Hi, I tried in the rebel station but I get this error

any idea?

Are you using the Rebel Station webapp with the Terra Station extension? I get this error too, it’s probably because some features for gas estimation have been removed from Terra Station. Using the Rebel Station webapp with the Rebel Station extension or the Leap Wallet extension should work. If you want to use your existing Terra address with the contracts, you will need to import your seed phrase into one of these wallets first.

It’s a pity there is no way to do this with the Terra Station extension, without reusing the seed phrase in another extension wallet. If these issues don’t get resolved and I find some free time for this, I’ll try to make a fixed version of the Station webapp and make it publicly available.

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Thanks for the quick answer!
Just tried rebelstation webapp with the rebelstation extension and I get another error.

not really sure why is happening