A few Noob Qs regarding MIR gov staking & minting

Hi guys, I read the whitepapers and went through the forum here but still have some basic questions that I’d like to ask to confirm I got a proper understanding:
A) MIR staking / Governance - APR/Voting
I understand that my APR does not depend on whether I vote or not, i.e. I cannot increase my APR by voting - is that correct?

B) MIR staking / Governance - Returns
I saw this other thread (Problem [Mirror stake in governance was not generating return) and experience the same issue that my staking-return MIR tokens do not at all reflect the expected return, which at the moment should be around 33% (annually, i.e. in average 0.09%/day) of staked MIR tokens. Does everyone else feel comfortable with their payout, similar to the conclusion in this other thread?

C) Minting (Long/Short)
I was under the the impression that with (long) minting and staking/farming I could generate returns without (or with only minor) price risk (as I only have the impermanent loss risk). Unfortunately the newly introduced short farming (with significantly higher returns) seems to negate this hypothesis. So does that actually mean that I take the full (upward/downward) price when minting & farming an mAsset?

Thanks a lot for having a look at this, even though some of the questions may seem veery noobie to you guys.

I’m no expert but I’ll try to help as much as I can.

A) With the Mirror V2 launch you get rewards for voting, so the APR does not change but you do get rewards in MIR for voting.

B) I have no idea, haven’t given it much thought, I stake only for the sake of voting on proposals.

C) You always had/have price risk, when you Mint (Borrow) you’re basically getting into a short position, you benefit from the price going down, basically you’d want to mint, sell and then buy back lower, benefiting from the price difference. When you trade into a position, you’re going into a long position, you want to sell higher than what you bought.

You can get into Neutral positions by splitting between the two positions, with the right collateral your risk can be quite low, due to low volatility in some stocks.

This is my understanding of the situation, but maybe someone more knowledgable can go deeper into it.

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B) since this APY is generated via MIR buybacks funded by CDP closures it can vary day to day based on how many CDP were closed, since you can only close CDPs when the market is open(in the case of mstonks) you will see less rewards on the weekends or when the market is closed.

From the docs " MIR staking APR calculation uses the average reward per day from the last 15 days ."

Check out the docs here : Mirror Token (MIR) - mirror