A Marketing Strategy Discussion ex: "[Poll 109] Mirror adoption-increase the number of users by 2x in 3 months!"

Hi all! I would like to start a discussion post related to the recent governance poll #109 that has come up for vote. I think to even begin starting a Marketing program related to Mirror, or any other program for that matter, the bare minimum should be to present a clear strategy and plan with reasoning, cost analysis, and methods for measuring success. The current poll up for vote does not do any of this.

A clear strategy should clearly present the current issues to give a perspective of the problems that such a strategy would hope to solve. We all want Mirror to thrive and gain adoption, but not everyone thinks a Marketing Plan is the way to go about this. So… convince the community. Empty promises of 2x growth in 3 months, without a single example of how such growth can be achieved is not going to help. What was presented in the tinyurl included in the proposal is a bullet list of marketing channels, not strategies. How can you begin to claim that 4,000 MIR would cover the costs for something that doesn’t even have a clear plan? I would love for someone qualified to clearly lay out the following before such a proposal could be considered:

Current State of Affairs - Show us an analysis/overview of the current marketing initiatives that the Mirror community already has in place. Why do we need a marketing plan? What are the issues that a strategy such as this would solve?

Target Market / Demographics - This should list specific examples of groups of consumers. If you can’t estimate the number of individuals you hope to reach, then it’s not specific enough. Which audiences are most likely to “buy in” to Mirror Protocol? Does that audience have key individuals or access points to help you connect?

Deliverables - What are the specific skills and tools you plan to use? Are you simply using a Twitter bot to spam a set of hashtags with information? Will a website be used? Email campaign? What do your unique skills allow you to bring that makes you valuable to the program.

Strategic Advantage - You have competition. There are other programs like Mirror out there! I know this community is likely to think Mirror is better than the other competing products, but the “why” is extremely important for any marketing plan. What is Mirror’s advantage that you intend to center your strategy around? Just disseminating information without a clear direction is a waste of time.

Strategies for Marketing/Promotion - This is not simply a bullet list of marketing channels. This should be a collection of individual thought-out plans tailored to reach the specific target audiences/demographics you have mentioned above. Without these things being planned out (in words), how will anyone know that you can do what you claim?

Costs Involved - You can’t claim to know the cost of something that does not have a specific plan. Will there be ads placed (where)? Email campaigns (to who)? Websites / landing pages (what for)? With a thought-out plan, estimating these things becomes very easy to do. Do plans change, and other costs come up? Of course they do, but how can you factor that into your plan if you don’t know what the base cost is going to be to begin with?

Overall Goal - This is the main reason for proposing a marketing plan to begin with. Building off of the existing problems you have laid out above, what is the end result you are hoping to achieve? Is the goal to increase awareness of specific program features? Is the goal to increase overall website traffic?

Analysis/Measurement of Results - Whatever the items this end-goal may consist of, each needs to be specific and measurable. You need a pre-analysis and a post-analysis of the market you intend to improve. The problems laid out above need to be measurable in such a way that you can show that real change has happened.

I have a mostly useless piece of paper :laughing: that says I have a degree in Business and Marketing and have been in marketing and design work for over a decade. It is sad to see individuals try to take advantage of such a great program’s community under the guise of being a ‘marketing professional,’ but unfortunately it happens all the time. Please demand more for the things that you want to succeed.
I want to acknowledge that there are many individual community members that are already doing great things to help promote awareness and make Mirror more user-friendly for new people. A truly motivated ‘marketing professional’ should get involved in the community and find a way to organize and utilize these individuals’ familiarity and drive to make real improvements to the Mirror marketing strategy.

Please everyone, use the tools we already have at our disposal (ex: this forum, the discord, etc.) to reach out to others in the community to ask questions and work together to improve Mirror and the overall Terra Ecosystem. You already have a team that is motivated and easily at your disposal to help, so use them! Thank you for coming to my TED talk. :sweat_smile:


Frank if you’re out there, please address the concerns of this post.

The working theory is that Frank is @frankunderwood22 and he has been somewhat active on this forum. If he is Frank, I’m not sure why the proposal would link to a notion page instead of something here though.

My understanding is that there was a “frankunderwood31” on the Discord that had come across a bit spammy, but maybe that was a different individual? Not that real names are necessary in my opinion, but just hard to tell when Frank Underwood sounds like the fictional character from the House of Cards tv show. I had done a quick search on the forum for that username with ‘31’ and for posts under Community Initiatives but didn’t get any results. It seems ‘FrankUnderwood22’ does indeed have a couple posts under General and UI/X Suggestions related to Mirror adoption, the most recent being a few weeks ago.

@frankunderwood22 My intention is not to demean any efforts of course, but more to promote less broad statements and more specific examples. Your post on ‘Mirror adoption’ (link below) comes across as someone speculating on marketing possibilities rather than someone with any personal experience implementing such programs or initiatives. I think more information on your exact plan and your “team” (mentioned in the notion link) would go a long way to promote more confidence and backing by the community. Thanks!

I fully support @codeNoodle on this. If all the points raised in his initial post are addressed, we will be in a much better position to assess the merits of the proposed plan. Without further information the current proposal is unsupportable. By the way, this is a healthy discussion and one that is exercising many communities as the cryptocurrency world evolves.


I object to this poll for the following reasons. First and foremost, the promise to double the userbase in 3 months with $8000 marketing spend is highly suspicious, and the creator makes this promise with no evidence to support it, leading me to believe this is a lie.

Then there is the proposal to do SEO - how is that possible if the creator has no access to develop the mirror website so that they can add new content or make adjustments to rank it higher on Google? What is the cost benefit of direct email marketing? how will the funds be allocated specifically between these several different strategies?

The following is very concerning to me. The creator of the poll is a whale holding 6 figures USD of LUNA. To create poll 109, the creator send a large quantity of MIR to the poll creators address, in this transaction. Terra Finder

Shortly after, the creator of Poll 109 voted YES with a large position of MIR from his primary account, on this transaction Terra Finder

Given the fact the creator is, in my view, a whale unethically voting to pay himself out of the treasury to conduct unnecessary marketing activities under a false promise of doubling the userbase in 3 months, Poll 109 should receive a NO.


Frank seems to think that the “Mirror adoption - How to improve and increase the user base” thread is the discussion for the community spend proposal;

There’s evidently the words marketing campaign:

“When everything is ready you will have a product to sell so there could be a marketing campaign targeting people from underdeveloped countries that don’t have access to stock market (and there are a lot of countries that cant access stocks).”
Mirror adoption- How to improve and increase the user base - #5 by frankunderwood22

Nothing about funding or community spends skimming over it.

Clear no for me simply due to the lack of discussion before the proposal was submitted.

It’s great to see the exhaustive proposal breakdown and the tx tracking though @codeNoodle @LouieL! :+1:


Not sure we need any SEO at the moment. To me it’s pretty simple. Research how Robin Hood got to 18 million monthly users and adapt that to the blockchain and Asian market/ rest of the world.

Hi, guys! This was my first time doing a poll on Mirror and I thought this was the way to do it! I tried to do something with the members of the community together, but they take no action, only words.

Now everyone it’s against me and hitting me from all over the place. I made different posts on forums, but nobody wanted to take action and I took this action into my own hands with my marketing team.

I want to do something for this community and execute! Yes, I’m a whale, so what? I care about the Terra ecosystem and I want to do something! Even if my proposal doesn’t pass, I don’t care! I will do it with my own funds, but at least, I hope this will be a breakthrough for all the people in the community to take action by themselves and submit more proposals!

I hope that people from the community will start following my steps and create new proposals by themselves and we can grow all the terra projects. It’s a shame that there are so many big brains in the community, but no execution on their part…I hope they will learn something from my actions.

I created this marketing plan with my team and I plan to implement it, with the community funds behind me or not! We have the experience and will do this plan our way! If anyone has his own marketing plan, submit it to vote and I will fully support you! I will vote YES!

Guys, put your brains to work and do something! We have 36 Mil MIR into the community poll!! I will donate myself the 100MIR to create the pool for the people who don’t have the funds for it!


Hi Frank, thanks for responding! First off, I just want to make it clear that any actions taken to help improve Mirror are definitely appreciated. I would like to thank you for kickstarting some more active discussion around Mirror marketing.

I don’t think anyone is against you specifically, but more the general idea that someone could request an arbitrary amount from the community pool without providing specific budget and reasoning as to why it that amount is required. Could you please address some of the concerns mentioned up above, and on the other post? …specifically in regards to the Costs Involved, Analysis/Measurement of Results, and details about your team? Others have raised the issue of SEO, in that how would you contribute to such a thing without access to the websites? Are you planning to create your own sites, landing pages, etc.? These are the concerns that, once addressed, I think could greatly help improve your chances at a successful poll.

There are others in the community, like @Danku_r, @TerraBitesPod, and more, that are already creating and distributing materials related to the Terra programs. I fully agree with you in that more people should get involved, create thought-out plans, and help progress them forward. Sadly, I think many of us are unable to commit the time to do so. I encourage you to answer the questions above and want to thank you again for taking the initiative to start something. Hopefully this will motivate others to do so as well!


I didn’t see this post when responding to a thread about digital strategy and user growth…

Resonate things said here.


It is great to discuss how mirror can gain adoption, but we are still talking about gaining crypto natives adoption.

IMO funding proposals should go to ventures that are going to build tools for non crypto native people to use Mirror without understanding all of these technical things. At that point this venture can make money for its own marketing.

I would echo the sentiment about a clear plan and budgeting for the proposal.

ease of use. it is not possible to gain 18 million monthly crypto native users.

Hi, new-ish small scale MIR staker. First time forum entry. Appreciated the initiative from Frank… and whether that proposal or another is appropriate, it at least prompted engagement. Perhaps this forum or Telegram group could be a medium to openly discuss ideas, and build consensus and support for this and other ideas.

Thinking about exposure and engagement from new users, and hooking into behavioural economics, is it wise to create some thing like Bee.com, which appears to have engaged over 10 million people who interact on a daily basis, in order to earn fractions of Bee token for themselves and their referrals. I would happily set my friends ‘mining’ being rewarded fractions of mMIR or marketing token that could be converted for MIR?

Trying to think outside the box. Traditional SEO etc, which seems still so relevent in mainstream, almost seems outdated with crypto. Almost all information and decisions I have personally made surrounding crypto have been connected to relationships I have made, or research I have done, tips I have recieved from friends, relatives, associates…true word of mouth referral.

Anyway… sorry for the blurb…look forward to MIR flying high soon!


Thats quite true i joined today and already told two others. looking forward to this, congratulations mirror!