About Governance Staking

How can I see my staking rewards in the governance staking? Page says only MIRs will be re-staked.

your rewards will be automatically added to the MIR you staked, it’s autocompounding.
i don’t think there is currently a way to see your rewards separately, you will just see your amount of staked MIR increasing from time to time.

they also come in when users close mint positions. So it’s not per-block, or per-epoch, but whenever a user closes their position.

Thanks. I got it now!

Does that mean they would not be awarded hourly? Or on regular intervals? It would not matter to me, as long as I know the APY is accurate. I think that is why they are reporting it based on a 15-day average!

gotcha. I do enjoy seeing my staked MIR periodically go up without transfer fees (like airdrops), but I wish I knew how often the rewards get added, as opposed to simply seeing more MIR since last time I checked lol