Account hacked?

My value dropped my $3k. My short mSQ is gone. Can somebody help me figure out what’s going on? Here is the transaction. Terra Finder

Looks like you got liquidated though looking at SQ’s trading history, I’m not sure how. Did you recently update your mSQ position? Possible you set the collateral level too low can it blew up on a short spike today.

Share a picture of your transaction history in Mirror related to your mSQ position if that doesn’t answer it

Agreed this is very strange. I’m not an expert, but looks like you got liquidated but not seeing a spike up on the oracle price (at least not shown on Mirror Market). Was your only position the 33 shares of mSQ or are the three other transactions with the 9hnt7 wallet also yours?

Where did you get that graph from showing price vs Oracle price?