Add more Sectors to mAssets

Dear Anons,

I’d like to adress the lack of diversity of mAssets.

In the classical Markets you have:

  1. Stocks ( FAANG )
  2. Energy ( Oil, Gas , Coal)
  3. Metal ( Silver, Gold, Paladium )
  4. Agriculture ( Wheat , Meats , Timber)

Currently I can place my bets mostly on Stocks and 2 Metals ( Silver and Gold)

I’d like Mirror to include Energy , Agriculture and some industry/rare earth Metals

what are your thoughts on this issue ?


Totally agree. Refer to my whitelist poll for moex10, which covers 10 sectors in Russia.


Ser please make it happen, Moex10 is like an ETF if I understand correctly ? I see Energy and Minerals prices rising even more in future , kinda no brainer longing them @ this point , especially getting paid to do so …

Yup, it is. Need to get people hyped for it before I pay the mirror toll, so if you can help rally peeps that would be much aprpeciated.

You must pay 1000 MIR and reach Quorum to get it back , right ?
You propose MOEX10 , why so ?
Id rather have in multiple steps listed Oil, Gas , some rare Metals , Livestock.
I am not knowledgable in all the details of all those listing procedures , rather thought of putting this idea into some minds .
Better hedge with some Energy during a crysis than non essential Stonks… even if its a Synthetic one.


I also share your desire to grow to offerings of mAssets. I am actively proposing new assets for whitelist. I just sent to vote Procter and Gamble (P&G). My intention is to list more non-technology companies so that Mirror has a diversified list.