Adding non mirrored crypto assets as collateral

any plans to incorporate this. I know anchor is planning on adding various different assets for bonding/borrowing.

I think you could just ask your question this way: is someone building a frontend that connects Anchor and Mirror? The answer is Yes: for one.
There’s little reason for Mirror to build functionality for multi-asset collateral when Anchor…already exists. Collateralize tokens for UST, then spend on Mirror Finance. And you’re done!

There has been mention of the potential for additional mAsset collateral types such as aUST and MIR.

I don’t think either reply so far understood the question (or maybe I’m the only one that misunderstood it). I read the question to be “Can I use ETH or BTC or some other asset as collateral?”.

I think part of the problem is that when you use bLUNA as collateral you are not only putting that asset on the line if you are liable for liquidation, you are also forfeiting the rewards you get from bLUNA and those go towards other things in the eco-system. Like paying the ANC that offsets the interest you pay. A collateral with no harvestable staking reward is not worth as much and would create a multi-tiered system. Not to mention you have to have the ability to get that asset represented in the Terra blockchain so created an bETH bBTC bADA etc. Or is that aETH, aBTC, aADA? Either way I’m sure these things are possible and I believe I’ve seen or heard Do mention it as a goal but its beyond my level of understanding.

Integrating Mirror with Anchor would be pretty amazing. You supply staked crypto and can mint synthetics against that position.

The benefit of using UST as collateral is that the mAssets themselves are denominated in dollars. This allows the extremely low collateral ratio for minting relative to other platforms like Synthetix.

If we allow volatile assets to collateralize other volatile assets, we would have to compromise capital efficiency through a higher collateral ratio.

This is the Mirror forum so I assumed OP was asking about collateral for Mirrored Assets vs. additional collateral types for Anchor borrowing. For Anchor, it has been mentioned that bETH, bDOT, bSOL and bATOM are oncoming.