Adding Set50, an index of top 50 stock in Thailand

Since many users are from Thailand, it would be nice to have an index of stock in Thailand on Terra ecosystem.
it can be SET50 or SET.
What you guys think?

I had thought of smaller regional indices while forming this proposal: [Proposal] International Index mAsset (mACWI, a global version of mSPY)

I think specific regional indices are a great idea. However it would probably be better to start from the largest regions first and move down the list. For example S&P Asia 50 is a far larger and more popular fund, and will be more likely to pass through. Keep in mind each fund is sharing a scarce liquidity pool, and also funds need enough interest to protect them against liquidation. Currently mSPY has ~$14 million backing versus $33 trillion in market cap for SPY - Given SET50’s ~$400 billion market cap, a proportional interest would be about $170k. Might be too small to gain traction at the current time. I would vote yes personally.