Adjust collateral after market closed

Last week, the UI did not allow me to adjust a collateral of my short position after the market closed. I then contacted an admin in the Mirror Telegram channel. He said the operation can only be done during the market hours.

Unexpectedly today the UI allows me to do so but the transaction failed with this error

“execute wasm contract failed: generic: Price is too old: failed to execute message; message index: 0”.

This costs me a few cents as I have tried to do it 3-4 times.

Price too old , basically means it cant execute because the oracle price data is too old because the market is closed. Probably a UI glich.

You have another hour today before it’s closed. Market is open from 4am - 8PM mon-friday GMT-4

I don’t think it’s a UI glitch as the market of GLXY already closed an hour ago. I also refreshed my web browser a couple times, but still the UI does not disable the Edit button.

The fact your getting "execute wasm contract failed: generic: Price is too old: failed to execute message; message index: 0” means the contract is failing because the oracle data is old which occurs when the markets are out of hours. (i’ve had this issue before , back on v1) The fact the UI is allowing you to submit the transaction indicates it’s probably out of sync or glitching in some way.

GLXY is on the toronto stock exchange so market hours are a bit different. Maybe the UI is allowing the transaction based on when US markets are open. Def UI glitch though. Will give TFL a chance to pick up this thread.

Thank you. I guess they have had some UI changes because last week the UI clearly showed off-hours message and the Edit button was disabled.

Hi, I’m getting the same message “execute wasm contract failed: generic: Collateral price is too old:” Retried a transaction like 10 times. After reading this thread I checked the Toronto hours and we’re right in the middle of open hours… unless it’s a holiday or something. Can anyone give a hint on how to solve this and not fall into the same loophole in the future? Shouldn’t there be a warning sign -or simply block it, just like when you can’t do mirror transactions because off market hours? Thanks,

You can always increase the collateral ratio, even when market is closed. But you cannot reduce the collateral ratio when market is closed.