Airdrop Nebula,Vega & Mars protocol to Mirror stakers

Hi all,

To increase the general demand for Mir, I would like to propose an additional airdrop of future projects which are related to stocks, equity, ETF, etc…

The problem with the current MIR mechanism is that most MIR staking & LP rewards are instantly getting dumped for UST, where most people just buy more LUNA.
Obviously this will not grow the MIR ecosystem.

Since TFL is working on several protocols I think it would be a good idea to communicate future airdrops to MIR stakers such as:

  • Vega protocol ( Decentralized derivatives trading protocol)

  • Mars Protocol (yield farming strategies)

  • Nebula (ETF investment clusters)

If this would be the case, people will buy more MIR and stake them because they don’t want to miss the genesis airdrop or additional airdrops.
This will create more demand and less token dumping.

Let me know your thoughts/comments



Nebula has already announced an airdrop for MIR governance stakers. Spar has announced something similar as well.

Mars and Vega (Vega is not even on the Terra Blockchain) are not TFL projects so it would be up to their respective teams.

Correct, we do not run mars or vega, and nebula is just incubated by us.

Ok clear, thanks for the info

Do you have a link or more info on what the airdrop entails?

I personally think that the component allocated to mir stakers by spar is too little compared with luna stakers cosidering that they will rely basically on the assets minted in mir at the beginning. I believe that every project relying on mirror should reward in little percentage the mirror stakers through airdrops as they contribute to the project stability.

I agree, at some point MIR stakers should receive more airdropped tokens than Luna stakers.
The problem now is that it’s literally “Luna, One Staking Ring to Rule them all”.

If the word gets out that staking MIR will give bigger rewards the price will increase by itself.

It’s free money, sir.

They are obligated to do nothing.


true, I just believe they should allocate more in proportion as they rely on MIR. But it is up to them …