Allow instant withdrawal from shorting

With the Luna/UST proposal to fork next Friday, there is less than 2 weeks left to withdraw UST. Like with Pylon Protocol, Mirror should let everyone withdraw their UST.

Furthermore, if Mirror doesn’t do this, then there will be no more incentive to short, and the already very high premiums will go even higher.

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So what exactly are you proposing?

Reduce the lock time from shorting from 14 days to 1 second.

Submit a proposal!

That is how changes are implemented.

My previous post was inaccurate. I deleted it.

Done! Please go vote for it!

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Too bad, text pools will not be implemented now even if they got passed. And at this moment, the pool is unlikely to reach quorum so you are likely to loss 1000 MIR even though they worth almost no thing.