Already claimed error for Airdrops

I’ve just tried claiming my airdrops, and the app is not updating the airdrop to claim. I get the following when I try:

failed to execute message; message index: 0: Generic error: already claimed: execute wasm contract failed

This has annoyingly burnt multiple fees, and makes claiming any subsequent airdrops impossible.

Please fix!

Example transaction:
Terra Finder

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Found this in Telegram channel:

🧑🏻‍🚀Lunatics community,

:white_check_mark:We observed that some users who have already claimed their airdrops are continuing to see the airdrop pop-up for Mirror, Anchor and other protocols.

:white_check_mark:This is because protocols rely on mantle to query airdrops. Currently Mantle is not catching up to the most recent height. Mantle is not synced to the height which they’ve already claimed their airdrop at.

:rainbow:We are working to resolve this issue at the earliest. We will make an announcement as soon as this is resolved.

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