Ark-invest ETFs?

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if more people are interested in Ark-invest etf`s like me.

I think it would be really nice if people can buy Ark-Invest etf`s on mirror protocol, because it is an etf that is really popular and that is not available on many brokers.

If there is a lot of interest I really hope that someone will make the proposal :slight_smile:


Yes, these are unavailable to directly invest in, in the UK.

So this would be a great access point.

I think ETFs are a good fit for mirror because with each stock we add it fractures liquidity. But with an ETF we can give investors wide exposure with just one listing. For this reason I like your proposal :slight_smile:

I would love to have more ETFs here.However, I don’t believe actively managed ETFs would be best for this purpose, as passive Investment is expected to create larger returns long-term.

In addition, ARK Funds tend to focus on growth stocks, which are already highly represented in Mirror. I would much rather have Factor Tilted ETFs on our Platform as those are well-diversified and well researched as Investments that generate consistent above-market returns. If we want something that isn’t available in Europe, we should go to a momentum and value tilted ETF, since as far as I know every passive Value ETF available in Europe is short on momentum and it is very annoying to invest in value this way.

Instant yes vote if this gets proposed. Ark attracts growth and tech investors. Therefore, it should be a no-brainer listing for crypto natives.


My favorite ETFs :slight_smile: yes pls

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I think we should be careful when considering listing flavor of the month/retail bubble picks like GME, SPACs, green energy stocks etc. If we do list them then the initial rewards weighting should be very low.

that definitely makes sense, those are the hypes now but we cannot know what will happen in a year or two. GME and others might vanish

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Yes! Since EU don’t have access to these ETFs. In fact the main reason I found out about Mirror was when searching for ways to get into these ARK ETFs and the possibility to get access to other stocks not easily available where I live.


propose it in governance and lets vote !

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I would prefer to have the best names in the ARK fund listed. Names like Crisper, Roku, etc… Ideally names that dont pay dividends ofcourse. This would make investment more precise, rather than broadbased

having ARK ETF would be perfect for me!

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i like the idea, would vote ~6k MIR for it

ETFs are a very good idea.
I suggest Mirror to put more different kinds of ETFs online.

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