August 2022 Update Proposal


As we know, Mirror was always intended to be a decentralized application for the democratization of synthetic assets without traditional centralized confines.

Some people are miffed that there’s no team to deal with user complaints effectively. That’s because it’s a decentralized application.

You take your ideas and your complaints to this forum and discuss. Then we vote.

I have an idea right now: lets collectively identify the parts that need to be updated or de-circulated. Let’s clean this dApp up.

My immediate suggestions for the August 2022 update would be as follows:

  1. recallibrate existing oracle prices for BTC, ETH, GLXY, DOT, AMZN and any others not mentioned.
  2. Update mAssets mFB to mMETA (missing others?) (281)
  3. Re-index mAssets BTC, ETH, GLXY, DOT after recallibration

Other ideas worth thinking about:

  1. Participate in a LUNC burn?
  2. Stablecoin biproduct of Mirror asset burn?
  3. Monthly asset add and remove event and/or polling?
  4. Explore feasibility of migrating Mirror dApp or bridging to Cosmos and others (Like Anchor kinda did for Orion (BSC))

I really appreciate your time and that you bothered to make it here to the forum like I finally did after an unsuccessful last poll (281)

Let’s build, Frens!

This is 100% irrelevant if you can’t get the 22m staked tokens to vote or have the ~$1.5m needed to buy 6m MIR to hit 18% quorum.

How you will get oracle price for mdot\mglxy\meth\mbtc?
Somebody should for big amount and burn, to get it pegged

I think that is a valid concern. I think that a team would be beneficial in order to better manage complaints and provide better support to users.

Unfortunately, the 22 million staked tokens are not able to vote and the ~1.5 million needed to buy 6 million MIR is not currently available.

Can we use Mirror right now? who can give a new website link?


Jak myślicie waluta wróci chociaż do 0,50$?

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