Auto compouding for LP

I am LP and do daily compouding and just thinking about the auto compouding option for LPs. It would generate less work (claim reward/sellMIR/buy mAsset/add LP/stake LP) and it would save my money (several fees).

The auto compouding would have option:

  • daily
  • weekly
  • Monthly

And you could have option to choose to set the time, when auto compouding would have been done.

What are you thinking about that?


I don’t see why shoud MIRROR PROTOCOL help you dump token more easily…

Auto compounding interest at a higher frequency for all users leads to the same rate of individual earnings, it is only viable when the frequencies differ, allowing those more engaged with the platform to take advantage of significant additional gain. Introducing auto compounding for all pools will disincentivize frequent engagement, making it a stake and forget type of option. This is available to those staking in governance as they are exposed to Mir price, however if users start compounding gold massets they will currently also put additional strain on UST supply.

Yes I am down for this how many people would we need to pass a resolution?

Apollo is doing this for you already.

Thank you bitn8 Thank you