AUTOSTORE HOLDINGS LTD- ticker Auto- maybe?

i mostly work on
before and after ipo

one of my bets was auto store , i was insider, got it for cheap
they sell nice stuff to mid to premuin retail supply chain

a bit like Panterra0x on terra bite grr grr :tiger2: and usan bolt flash :zap:
Every thing light with mid to premuin value

We have a nice forecast window for workout gym cindyogapants sportwear cardio gardening body dumbbell HIIT outdoor activity
due cyclical spring , supply chain issue, whatever narratives , next gen city nodes cornershop open 7/7 open 24/24
only shutdown and rest when power outage or riot looting.

yeah and disclaimer i m an shareholder too (it s long term bet)
While buying dca dips in lunax and other related and adding more collateral to my leverage positions , options and lending borrow loops

i think this one may be interesting for future listing ,

As a microcap with very low trading volume, this would be a terrible fit for Mirror Protocol.


love sense of humor
carry on