Bad Actors Creating Polls

The creator of Poll 177 (Community “burn” to a non-burn address) previously created polls for delisting and reweighing assets, and recently created a poll (180) to reweigh Ethereum. In my opinion, Poll 177 was not created out of ignorance as the user shows more advanced knowledge of the Defi crypto space in reweighing and delisting assets on Mirror, using other protocols like Anchor, and trades large sums of money (most likely a millionaire). They started creating polls that would reduce trading on Mirror on November 16, 2021, starting with delisting GME with TX Hash: 625F9F74…3E573651

This user’s activity can be viewed here where they have been very active in trading.

I find it hard to believe they did not know what an official burn address was, created a non-burn wallet on accident, and then made a proposal trying to take 5% of the community pool. Should Poll 177 have passed, it could have really damaged Mirror, and it was leading by a good margin (5% Yes to 0% No) before members of the community recognized it was a non-burn address and issued warnings.

It appears reweighing BTC and DOT as well as delisting assets has had a negative impact on MIR as it drives traders to other platforms, and the user may either be trying to suppress MIR price temporarily or is outright attacking. Considering this account is collecting significant MIR rewards frequently and then staking them more recently, it appears they are trying to spread FUD and cause problems in MIR to drive down the price in an attempt to buy MIR at cheaper prices.

I also suspect this user has created multiple addresses for creating polls and may be behind Poll 164: “Initiate Professional Marketing Campaign,” which also thankfully failed. As we see from their proposals, they propose significant community spends without any real substance, not even a community discussion, and instead exploits voter ignorance and greed by claiming their proposals will increase MIR’s price and rewards. Proposal 164 was also created about the same time the delist GME poll was created, and the wallet was created about the same time as the wallet used for Poll 177. In both cases, they also created a separate empty wallet for depositing community funds.

At the same time, measures need to be implemented to prevent more bad actors from damaging Mirror. I agree with the creator of Poll 181 that it is best not to vote on Poll 180 so they lose their deposit. While this is a temporary solution, a real long-term solution needs to be developed.

As Martin Luther King Jr. once stated, “Evil comes forth under the guise of good,” and it appears to be the case here.


There is no way poll 177 could be an ignorant mistake by the creator. After the scam was exposed and widely discussed, the wallet holder of poll 177 come out to vote “Yes” for itself and “No” for poll 178 (which first exposed the scam)

Without rehashing disagreements how about we have a discussion on the merits and tell us what you think should be done now in the present? You have DOT and BTC already reweighted. So you are in support of blatantly treating ETH differently?

Even VICW makes large arguments in his initial post about why if DOT was being reweighted why was BTC and ETH not? He wanted to know why DOT was being picked on. So now to the present you think ETH should be left with greater rewards then other cryptocurrencies on mirror? The past is done so address some merits since not one of these forum posts address merits at all and want to debate things that can not be changed.

There is nothing we can do to change what you want changed. No community spend proposal has ever passed, except the 178 “scam”. Go look in discord and someone brought up a fresh perspective in the past few days. He mentioned if 177 was a scam the greater scam is knowing it would never pass and posting 178 to steal rewards because people would be so distracted by 177 they would vote for 178 and give away a free 100 rewards. Taking history into account and the large voting that came in on 177 in a short period of time means TFL or some significant whale came in to vote voting for 178 and not other polls. Meaning it looks ore like Do or some TFL involvement voted.

Edit: I meant to respond to the comment about buying mir at cheaper price. If that was this person’s plan then they are crazy. MIR is a horrible performing token. Who would purchase a token that has no utility (since we voted its only utility away with delisting as collateral - talk about harming the community. Is that the same persons proposals?) and now it is solely a rewards token. Never ever buy farming tokens is investing 101. You farm farming tokens. I would like to hear an investment strategy of why you think anyone should be stacking mir that is not about emotion or attachment to the platform.

More thinking about it after reviewing the time stamps neither wallet has similar time stamps for trading. Since we can only speculate and for the sake of conversation we will concede they are scammers it is just as viable that the poster of 178 saw 164 poll and decided that they would try the same idea. So again there are view different ways to look at it even if they both are scammers the second could be a copycat.

I knew you would be here with some lengthy reply. November 16, 2021, the day your account was created and the same day these fraudulent polls started showing up on the protocol that you have been shilling for on these boards while spreading FUD about MIR and accusing those who have called out these fraudulent polls of fraud themselves. For someone who believes MIR is going down, is a crap token, and claims to be so experienced in the crypto space, you sure do spend a lot of time on these boards shilling for fraudulent polls while spreading FUD.

Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 11.21.15 AM


Exact definition of an ad hominem. Ignore all the merits. And your definition of shilling is skewed. As numerous posts say I agreed with the method of conclusion but how you reach your conclusion matters and yours is with skewed logic.

You still have failed to address many merits and base everything on conspiracy or ad hominem errors.

If I created the polls I sure would not be wasting my time talking to you. You see how many “views” these threads get?? No one shills here because barely anyway reads it.

And my comments of the mir token are fact. Please explain how a farming reward token with absolutely no use case is ever a good investment. I asked you a legit question and once again you respond with zero merits and only ad hominems.

You’re a fraud and the community sees it. Why don’t you first explain how sending 5% of all the community tokens to a wallet created by a whale, “a small amount” in your words, would benefit the community?


Keep ignoring the merits and chase your conspiracy. You literally sound like VICW now. Anyone who disagrees with you is the person. You should have spent more time in University I see to actually address the merits. You answer no questions with any substance but then deflect constantly.

Keep looking in the Mirror [pun intended] and talking to yourself.


I love the pun. Actually good one there.