Baklava looking to collaborate/tap Mirror's liquidity

Hi guys,
I am from the Baklava Space project, an auto-compounding/synthetic asset defi project on the Avalanche network.

Baklava will be creating synthetic assets and is looking to hedge these positions. For this purpose, we would like to explore tapping into Mirror’s liquidity.

Hence, taking this opportunity to explore collaborations with the Mirror team.

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Sounds interesting. Explain this in a little more detail pls!

Baklava protocol allow users to deposit LPs as collateral to mint synthetic assets. For example, depositing $2000 worth of LP allow user to mint $1000 worth of synthetic asset. From here, our platform will hedge this synthetic asset by creating a similar position in another exchange, such as in Mirror’s. And we want to automate this process via an api.

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Baklava will be at the March’s Avalanche summit in Barcelona, if we can meet any Mirror or UST team members to discuss, that will be great.

Can you explain where is this api available, and I wonder if other teams have tapped into Mirror’s api for liquidity support as you are trying to suggest.

Finally, you should attend Terra or Mirror event instead LOL.

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Understand that UST is on avalanche, therefore we wanted to collaborate with UST on Avalanche chain. Well if Mirror/Terra has any events, we will be more than happy to join.

On the API, I am exploring if the Mirror team allows automated trades.

Worst case you can directly interact with the contracts.

I am not aware of a publicly facing API that supports trading on the Mirror smart contracts, but I’m not a developer. Even with no API there is nothing stopping you from interacting directly with the smart contracts.

However… Mirror Protocol is not on Avalanche. If you want to directly interact with Mirror smart contracts, you would need to have a trusted bridge to transit funds to Terra. Alternately you could see if some mAssets have been bridged to Avalanche and have sufficient liquidity depth for long only positions.


Do let us know @Keith when the system is up and running, interested to use Baklava.

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Thank you for the advice on API and your interest. Will share more once our development is completed.

Can you reach out to the MSC on Discord? We’re looking to provide easier explanations for developers to cross chain mAssets, and it’d be nice to have an actual external developer read over the docs we generate and help us with questions they may have.

Great! I will do that.