Basic Mirror Questions

Really love this project! Few questions:

  • can the protocol / system / liquid / nodes / terraswap / anything be shut down if the main HQ in South Korea gets shut down?

  • WHY do mAssets trade at slightly (2-5%) higher prices than the real thing? Am I losing this money in slippage or anything? Or can I just sell it back with the same added “premium” % later with no protocol % loss?

  • why aren’t more People using this or making clones and putting the entire stock market on the blockchain lol 24/7, global, etc

  • why isn’t mGOOGL etc coinmarketcap page showing anything besides Uniswap volume? mGOOGL and more are on Terraswap, BSC and more

  • why do things get “delisted” and what does that mean? Like, why can’t I just mint anything, any stock, any random thing, with my LUNA? & what happens to holders of GME etc if it gets “delisted?”

  • also how / where do you mint mAssets? Page seems deleted

Thanks guys that’s about it. Feel free to answer any

2nd question is most important. Maybe #1 also

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  1. NO.
  2. Assets trade at a premium based on basic supply and demand. Ideally there would be no premium but market forces drive a premium. And yes dependent on when you close your position you will receive a premium as well.
  3. No answer
  4. I do not know. I do not use the site to check as it serves no purpose. You check coinhall.
  5. Things get delisted when the liquidity pools are small and has small trading volume. You can not mint anything because how would you trade it? You need liquidity pools to trade things. You buy and sell your Luna in a liquidity pool. Same for assets, a liquidity pool would need to exist. Otherwise you would mint some random asset and do what with it? When assets are delisted they can still be traded between users. They just can not mint new ones.

Thanks awesome answers I really appreciate you taking the time to break it down

I just noticed I forgot to answer your last question. You mint assets in the Borrow tab.

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Ok do you have a link please, I’m not sure what app to use