Best way to short MIR token

Hi All,

I’ve been watching Mirror for a fat minute and see a lot of questions about new mAssets and Committee questions but the premiums and after hours liquidations issues look to have killed any real support of the protocol as a tradfi competitor (day-trades, long-term shorts, options, futures, hedges, etc). Whats the best way I can short the actual token, ideally with aUST as collateral(I don’t want to short any mAssetts with my aUST). I own no MIR to vote but have watched the community and polls and it seems like its absolutely destined for failure so a good short.

When I go to the short farm or the borrow tab, I don’t seem to have the option to short MIR. Any ideas? Anybody willing to write a smart contract to mint some mMIR to loan me?

Not a troll, just looking for guidance.


Edge protocol - Edge Protocol.

Give aUST/UST as collateral (aUST cap is hit but you can use UST once the code is open source the cap will be lifted).

Borrow MIR sell MIR (you probably know what to do from here).