BlackRock Inc. instead of Blackrock products (ishare etf's)

Hello guys, my suggestion would be to discontinue adding more etf products. even more if they are created and handled by companys (uso is nice tho). but wouldnt it better to track indivuall assets? its a big part of freedom we got here. we dont need to rely on banks, states, hedgefunds and companys anymore.

i think a big step into the right direction would be adding categories.
indices, stocks, ETF’s, commodities and other things we may figure out.

that would also help to sort the things afte we add more and more massets.

could we agree to stop adding products from companys anymore, and instead add the company themselfes?

i would create a pool with BlackRock Inc, (

BlackRock, Inc. is an American multinational investment management corporation based in New York City. Founded in 1988, initially as a risk management and fixed income institutional asset manager, BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager, with $8.67 trillion in assets under management as of January 2021.
Listed Exchange: NYSE

whats your toughts about the ETF thing? im oversaturating? i just dont see ishares as a valuable option if we could directly track silver price… why rely on something that could end like lehmanbrothers instead of creating an independent environment?