Both websites are down

Both web sites seems to be down… :cold_face:

Is it only for me?
Any chance of getting them back up and running? or at least restoring funds from farming LPs?

you need to call the contract directly in terrastation: Terra Station

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Hi, anyone knows how to collect daily MIR reward since the web is down? I’m think building a script to do that, can someone kindly point to me where to start?

you do not need a script, simply go to terra station and call that staking contract: terra17f7zu97865jmknk7p2glqvxzhduk78772ezac5 with execute_msg:
“withdraw”: {}

that is enough to collect your mirror rewards…

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Hi guys, I saw mirror is not working

I have got locked some mir 2 or 3 weeks ago due to airdrop poll voting

How i can call those tokens now, last days i could not withdraw them from the stake due to the voting but, how i can withdraw them now?


Thanks a lot for helping, but I got “msg not valid” error message?

did you put exactly the following phrase: {“withdraw”: {}}

Here is the error message


try on the desktop and make sure you are calling the right Mirror Staking contract: Terra Finder

If you type in {“withdraw”: {}} and not copy and paste it not give you the error…
anyway you can choose only USTC (and other unuseful tokens) but not Mir…
when you try to withdraw USTC you can give the order but you get this error message:

I had the same issue as you James, and then after copy-paste from the Finder page I managed to withraw:

“withdraw”: {}

We check githup codes and can build websites with some other domain.

like :

what do you think about this.

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but you don’t have the option to withdraw your MIR rewards

I have short and long position on Mirror giving MIR rewards…how could I withdraw it…

thank you guys…

So as mirror domain has been deleted means that that our mir staked are gone?

Hi all

I found on mirror protocol github links to vercel app hosting. And it works

“So as mirror domain has been deleted means that that our mir staked are gone?”

No, funds are safu ))

But if I have some mir in a voting poll which is locked now?
Is the airdrop poll, is that a scam poll?
And how we can broke the mirror LP without platform?

Thanks in advance


“And how we can broke the mirror LP without platform?”

Which platform you mean?

Above I posted screenshots with working links of mirror protocol interface.

wow, great finding, thank you Alexweb