[Brainstorm] Generating transactional demand for MIR

Seeing as how low and declining token price makes nearly everything more difficult for the protocol, I was brainstorming ideas for encouraging people to buy/use MIR.

(1) Charging an up-front fee in MIR on minting mAssets
(2) Charging ongoing interest on any loan that backs an mAsset
(3) …and offering discounted repayment in MIR
(4) …and if feasible, using community funds to liquidate old mAsset contracts that do not charge interest
(5) … and paying interest to MIR commuity fund or to MIR stakeholders

The principle behind all these ideas is that if someone wants exposure to either mAsset price changes or mAsset swap fees, they should be incentivized to buy and use MIR.

Of these ideas I think idea (2) is the most important and most basic. The creation of an mAsset is inherently a short position. Every short position is a borrowing, and every borrowing should be paid in interest.

If you charge an interest for borrow/short farm then it would go against the premise of offering rewards to incentivize shorters in the first place right?
With the current model it is only shorters that introduce assets into circulation, so its crucial to the MIR model to keep them happy.

mUSD is the only asset that I would say is worthwhile charging an interest rate for and not incentivize thru emissions.

Paying reasonable interest to gain exposure to an mAsset, otherwise unavailable, is not unreasonable. I guess, presumably the minter of an mAsset eventually sells it to a long buyer, so the burden of paying interest for the exposure might conceivably be shifted to the long positions. If that is your point, I agree that might be better for the protocol.

Among participants who take short positions, however, minters need to be incentivized over short-farmers. Currently the protocol has this backwards, and so it bleeds money.