Bringing Mirror, Terra, and DeFi awareness to the broader community


Hi everyone,

TTLG - Through The Looking Glass would like to introduce ourselves to the Mirror Protocol community. We are not representatives or affiliated with Terra or Mirror protocol and the content we create about Mirror and DeFi is motivated by our shared interest and passion for the space and the product. Much in the way Mirror is governed, we believe in transparency, openness, respect for the individual and differing opinions, as well as in learning from each other and from the community.

TTLG is a group of three guys, Georgi @chudaka_pi, Joseph @still and Ryan @slickrick37, who met here on the forum with a mutual interest in Mirror and DeFi.

TTLG’s goal is to bring awareness, promote and grow new and existing DeFi projects that we believe are truly revolutionary and have the potential to change the future for the better.

We currently release two videos a week. In the first, we typically focus on DeFi projects geared towards the Terra and Mirror Protocols and any relevant content and news. The second weekly video is a more open roundtable discussion on current events across all markets and industries.

We are excited to be sharing our thoughts and ideas with everyone here in the Forum, in the TTLG’s Youtube and Twitter space, and other social media channels. Please offer your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions her eon how we can improve the content and build a broad dialogue that introduces Mirror, Terra, and DeFi to the broader community. We welcome ideas on how TTLG can engage with folks active in the Mirror Forum and community (e.g., blog posts, guest appearances, article reviews, in-depth conversations on relevant topics). Growing this community is what we strive to accomplish and we applaud other groups and people who help achieve this goal.

There are many amazing and diverse perspectives within this community, and we look forward to adding our take and supporting others in this journey.

-TTLG Team


Georgi thanks for sharing the channel here on the forum. We are lucky to partake in such an innovative space here with Mirror Protocol and Terra!

We had a great discussion yesterday about AMMs and Georgi was our SME on this topic. I learned a lot and I hope the community finds value in our latest roundtable discussion!


Thank you Ryan. It has been a really positive experience to connect with the Mirror community and the broader crypto community.

Our Twitter account is

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