Call to MSC, actual roadmap

It has been almost a month since poll 245 for establishing & funding the Mirror Steering Committee, and MSC has not actually produced anything, this is a call to MSC, to make an actual roadmap, not just a list of ideas and proposals, MSC should make a roadmap with everything they think protocol needs, and would improve protocol, with actual planning and rough dates/quarters.

The second thing that MSC should do is weekly updates on what they are doing, in my opinion, this gives a lot of confidence in the project and helps us understand where the project is and where it is going.


There has been one poll that has gone to vote, and another that has been posted for discussion.

The roadmap is in the original post, but we’re looking at some other ideas that we can work on.

These demands would make a lot more sense if the MSC was compensated in ANY fashion.

the original post is not a roadmap, it is a list of things, we don’t know when or how?

If you expect an actual roadmap, that will never happen. We don’t control the protocol so we’d be unable to deliver on a roadmap. I’m sorry you misunderstood the purpose of the MSC.

The purpose of MSC, was a bit of centralization to help with things, so when people want to implement a change or an idea, MSC takes care of details instead of needing to vote for everything on governance.

And why wouldn’t MSC be able to create a roadmap, MSC could make a list of ideas they want to implement or changes that they think would improve protocol, then make a poll on them and see if people want them. If text polls pass, they start working on them.

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A date-based roadmap would be helpful, but logistically it just doesn’t work with how the MSC operates. I’d be happy working to figure out how to put out updates semi-regularly, but, given we don’t have a dedicated set of devs and things have to be fulfilled via bounties, it becomes VERY difficult to build a time frame for when we want things done at all. We can however update on where we’re at on things.

I’ll see about setting up a way to push updates to the community every so often (shortest would probably be every two weeks, but don’t quote me on that, still have to sort it out). The MSC isn’t full-time, nor do we pay ourselves using the funds allocated to the multi-sig. We do have lives too :slight_smile:

I’ve briefly looked into pushing more structure for all polls and proposals so that people are more apt to push their prop to a text poll and then get it worked on if it passes. I’ll put something out in regards to this when I have time over the next week or so.

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I am not saying we need a roadmap with exact dates for everything, I am saying we need general roadmap, of things MSC is trying to implement, of things they think that are good ideas and so on. And general timing: These things will try to be implemented in Q1, these in Q2, these in Q3

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