Can I poll in Russina ETF or stock in mirror Gorven?

It is possible that use regesit russina index for mirror protocol by Govern? I see the russina have the bull market recently years, it also have the stable growth.


I definitely will vote yes
we do really need more stocks other than US’s


Thanks, I just think some people in here was intelligence, and follow maketing trend, I learning from here.

I would also like to see a Russian stock market like RTS on Mirror Protocol.
The past year it has had a very good performance:

Much of the Russian economy growth and profit is coming from agriculture production and energy. Would be nice to have exposure to that on some stock index or stock on Mirror.

I have no idea whether it should rather be the RTS or MOEX index.

On Wikipedia it says:

The MOEX Russia Index is traditionally favored by domestic investors, while foreign investors prefer the RTS Index.


I know nothing about the Russian stock market, but what is the spike in the index price in early 2020?

Something like that in the price feed has the potential to break the mAsset structure because it would result in mass liquidations of the CDPs.