Cannot borrow mAsset and cannot close my short position

I am really mad and angry.

For consecutively three trading days until this moment, I cannot borrow any mAsset during trading hours. The button turns grey (I have enough aUST Collateral)

I have shorted mQQQ a month ago and I want to close the position to take profit. I cannot do it too during trading hours. The button is grey in color.

What is the use of this protocol? Cannot borrow and cannot close the position.

Why there is no one to fix the problem?

Where should i send the complaints to?

This is likely user error. I have had no issues.
You can always run the site locally and use it. You can always interact directly with the contracts.

Really? But I tried many times but still failed. The button is always grey and I cannot do anything.

You can see the attached photo.

Can you send me your wallet address? Either here or in a DM and i can see if i spot the issue or can even reproduce it.

I would suggest having more than 1.5 UST in your wallet if you want it to work.

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Did you buy enough mQQQ to close the position?

Thanks for your reply. I just joined this forum and I don’t know how to DM you. :thinking: