Canoa - DeFi Tracking App

Hello everybody!

We are are developing an DeFi focused tracking app focused on Terra. Think about “Zerion-like” tracking app for Terra. We are super excited to be one of the selected ideas for the hackathon and would love to connect to anyone that is interested in bringing more visibility and control to your DeFi investments on Terra.

You can read more about us at our hackthon’s idea page, or our intro medium post here.

If you have any ideas for features that involve Mirror/Anchor protocols, we want to hear from you !

We prepared a quick survey to understand what kind of features would bring most value for Mirror/Anchor users.

You can answer the survey by clicking here!

Also, if you want to keep updated and share your ideas/feedbacks, we just started our Discord channel and our Twitter! Drop by and say hi :smiley:

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