Can't Close Position even through "CLOSE"

First I bought mSLV last night hoping to close today during market hours. No option to use the same amount of mSLV originally shorted (and bought last night) to do that. I tried both changing “amount shorted” to 0 and going to the CLOSE page, both suggested BUYing mSLV, which I already bought last night.

So I sold that this morning and tried doing it just through “CLOSE”. It bought the mSLV (just over the amount I shorted) and now I’m still shorting and also holding mSLV. It will not Close the position.

Help would be greatly appreciated!

And Devs, please make this easier and simpler…it’s unnecessarily complicated.

Thank you!

You need to hold at least as much (preferably a couple dollars more) of the mAsset than you borrowed in order to be able to close a position.

thank you silly me, I read the numbers wrong. I did put in the correct amount of mSLV but obviously got less due to slippage or what not. will always buy a few extra $ from now on and see if it works thanks.

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