Close a Short Position - Only Available Market Hours

Hey all,

I have seen this post numerous times with people having this issue.
However, I am still having no luck. I have a mSLV position that I would like to close. I have more than enough mSLV in my wallet to cover the position. EVERY time I click on “close” or “edit”, it says it is “only available during market hours”

It is definitely market hours. I have been trying or over a week at various times. I am at a loss…even though aUST/UST seems to be headed towards worthless I would like to just exit completely so I can sleep soundly. Help would be appreciated!

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You should just try it. The message saying only available during market hours appears but it doesn’t mean its not gonna work.

You did not get the problem. he cannot even try to close the position because the “edit” botton (or the “close” one) is in light grey and completly pointless.

I have the same problem … I had a short farm on tesla very profitable but I’ve never been able to close that fukin position.

exactly. I have zero option to close. I have 80 mslv in the short position…so I bought 85 more thinking that was the problem. Nope. I can only buy and sell. Cannot withdraw collateral, cannot close the short position. Insanely frustrating.

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nobody has any ideas on how to fix this? What a scam. But really, my fault for getting into something I did not know was easy to get out of…

They quickly voted and executed a deployment poll to lure short minting and then lock (& maybe even steal) the UST proceeds, at the worst time. What a fxxking scam!


and for the record, they = Mirror Steering Committee and TFL Devs. Who wants names

Hi guys! Do you know how could I withdraw this? There is only Stake button. Thanks!

Go to terraswap, go to “swap”. change to “withdraw” tab, select the pair and then you can withdraw. Here’s a direct link for exactly the pair from your screenshot -

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Thanks mate, it worked! I really appreciate your help!

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Love your profile pic #Deadguy

So you are saying the short positions are locked? This is insane. Trust will never be regained in the DeFi space. Back to Fiat I guess