Cnnecting wallet

Hi! I staked MIR on the finance.mirror platform (connected it to my metamask). But now, when i am choosing wallet to connect, its only one option, “futurelife”. What has happened? Have I lost all my MIR? Seems like the website/plattform has updated as well…


There are plenty of people on the forum that use it here so we will help you get to the bottom of this! I have not used Metamask so I’m not aware of this issue.
Has anyone ever run into this issue Thomas has?
@still @chudaka_pi ?

@Thomas1 Good question. A few considerations:

  • Did you utilize the Terra Bridge to bring your assets from MetaMask to the Mirror Platform?
  • If you did, what has mechanically happened is that you had a wrapped asset (I am assuming ETH wrapped MIR from your post, but correct me if I am wrong) that had to be bridged as you transferred it onto the Mirror Platform (or more generally the Terra ecosystem). If you’re goal is to bring those assets back onto MetaMask you will again have to use the bridge to do that. DM me and I will walk you through it if that’s helpful. If your goal is just to track the growth of your staked assets and to have better visibility on them generally download the Terra Wallet and connect it directly to the Mirror Platform. (Functionally, the Terra Wallet works like MetaMask or any other Web3 extension…you just download it and then connect it to the applicable web app — which you should receive a prompt.)

The most important thing to remember here is that Mirror Protocol is built on the Terra Protocol which is built on Cosmos Protocol. That tech stack is distinctly different than the ETH tech stack. If sounds like you are having an interoperability issue.

If I have completely misunderstood your problem, please elaborate and we will work to get this rectified. There are so many platforms, and while interoperability fixes are certainly just over the horizon, currently we are left with “hacks” like bridging , kludgy wrapping architecture, etc.

Nevertheless, post here or DM …let’s get this handled.



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Thanks for your helpJ

I am happy to inform you that I managed to get hold of the MIR’s. I didn’t think of trying the “recover my wallet” option, but that was the solutionJ





Awesome! Glad to hear it.