Coinbase custmorer (U.S. resident) and IOS app


I need your assistance with obtaining a positive experience with using the Mirror dashboard. Please note the following:

  1. Wallet: I have a coinbase wallet. I understand about purchasing Luna and USDT to assist with interacting with the various Mirror Protocol activities. How do I connect my coinbase wallet-- Luna and USDT coins with the Mirror Protocol desktop? Is there a Mirror wallet app in the IOS store?

2.) For the Coinbase customers: are you able to update the Mirror dashboard to be user friendly or create a similar dashboard for your coinbase customers. Some of the activities on the dashboard are quite complicated or new for the many customers residing in the United States who are interested in this great technology.

3.) LP coins, terra coins, MIR coins and minted coins have alot potential. Is there any way you guys could dedicate a seperate HTML page for each coin to describe its objective, use and how to increase your opportunity in gaining each coin?

Thank you for your attention and assistance.