Coins not visible in wallet extension

Dear all,

I’m fairly new to the TerraLuna ecosystem, so please bear with me if I ask any silly questions.

I downloaded the app a couple of weeks ago, and have today also installed the Terra Station chrome extension. However, upon doing this, two issues emerged:
(1) whent trying to recover my wallet by entering my seed password, I was given a different wallet address than the one that I have on my desktop app;
(2) as if this weren’t strange enough, upon trying to send some of my MIR tokens from my Metamask to this new wallet, these fail to show up, even though they should be there (see here: Terra Finder).

In light of all of this, I’d like to ask the following:
(3) Why was I designated two different addresses - one on my desktop terrastation, the other on the extension?
(4) How can I retrieve my MIR, i.e., make them visible and/or send them to my other (desktop) address?

Thank you for your suggestions/advice;
best regards,