Commodities and directly tracked Prices

what do u guys think about commoditys?

like wood:
sugar: Sugar - Monthly Price - Commodity Prices - Price Charts, Data, and News - IndexMundi
or soybea: Soybeans PRICE Today | Soybeans Spot Price Chart | Live Price of Soybeans per Ounce | Markets Insider

ufff lumber and soybeans already mooning, only sugar would be interessting.

do you guys maybe have other suggestions? and would you support commoditys on this plattform? I also would call for real gold and silver instead of derived products of them.

I like the idea, but I think we need exchange traded products so people can arbitrage between Mirror and the real asset, if our Premium goes to high

Yes, i like the idea of commodities listings. There are several ETFs but i think a nice start would be the
“iShares Diversified Commodity Swap UCITS ETF”.

I wonder if anyone else would interested in copper?