Compliance grade emission allowance mAsset creation

Hi, I’ve been a carbon market professional for the last 2 decades. The massive energy requirements of the crypto market is in the spotlight as we are all aware. A small player or even an individual like me cannot participate in this highly centralized carbon allowance trading system.
The price of an carbon allowance traded among the closed group of polluters in Europe is Euro 57.00/ton and this reflects the true price of carbon pollution.
I would like to gauge interest in the same and would like the mirror community for feedback.
Suggested Name: Carbon Allowance mAsset


Sounds cool. What’s the source of that price data? That will determine how viable it is (from a technical perspective)


Thanks MIR,
Very new to mAssets, the price would be that of the spot emissions contract on the Energy Exchange.

The mAsset would reflect the compliance carbon permit price being traded by the big polluters.

I am very much in support of this however I want to it succeed which probably means taking a long, pragmatic patient approach to building this into mirror.

IXO is doing work to help make a more unified and cross market collateralizable carbon product. Might be worth while to pull them in on this because as it stands now there’s a massive disparity in price from one market to the next and would be hard to accurately have an oracle price until a more unified carbon price exists on the Blockchain.

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I believe the ticker symbol is KRBN for the KraneShares Global Carbon ETF on the NYSE