CSV transactions for LUNA stakers

Hello - I noticed the lack of CSV support for tax-related transactions for LUNA stakers. So I wrote some code to help do my own taxes. I realized others may like the same thing so I worked on turning into a hobby website.

Here it is: https://stake.tax


  • It does not handle transactions besides airdrops, LUNA staking reward occurrences, and native swaps so it has a limited use case.

Apologies if this is not the right place for such a post. But it seemed the most apt place I could find. Comments/suggestions/bugs/feedback for the website or better listing ideas are most welcome.


Hello, I just wanted to update that I’ve been able to add support for many more Terra transactions (not just for LUNA stakers) at https://stake.tax to generate tax-focused CSVs. For those curious enough to try out, it really does helps me improve its comprehensiveness when new addresses are tested.