Delist GME and AMC

While I do not have a vested interest I am reading the two latest proposals to delist or modify the rewards for GME. Firstly, I am baffled by the person who wanted to delist AMC does not want to delist GME but wants to reduce its rewards to 0. The fact is both AMC and GME have very small liquidity pools and have been on Mirror for months on end and failed to establish a decent size liquidity pool. The volumes are low and I agree they both should be delisted.

This new proposal to keep one and make the rewards zero makes no sense if you think it through. GME already has low liquidity and low volume. So now you want it to compete against the other assets that have rewards? You seriously believe that with low volume and liquidity already that it would not significantly decrease more with 0 rewards while all the other assets would have rewards? It is nonsensical to argue that it should stay for trading when it would be at a severe disadvantage to other assets and should just be removed - at that point it is just stealing liquidity for no reason and will result in greater volatility.

I agree that we are facing a cliff soon with the reward calculations and it would be better if the rewards were allocated to other pools and the liquidity is more concentrated.

Why delist assets? Does that mean they can’t work on the protocol at all anymore?

I think we should be making more and more available over time, not less.

All it is doing is giving the option to mint them, why block that

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It is really a terrible idea to delist any assets after they have been created. Delisting any assets would be like voiding legal contracts after signing them earlier. The practice would create uncertainty in the protocol. People entering a long and short position would not be certain that they are taking the position with predictable outcome.

If one don’t like any assets, they would just ignore them.

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It was delisted to redistribute rewards elsewhere. Not because people just did not “like” them as you put it. I also do not even remotely grasp your comparison of how a decentralized protocol vote to delist an asset is even closely comparable to voiding legal contracts. Even grasping there I can not understand your comparison.

It is also no different from a standard brokerage delisting assets and moving stocks to the pink sheets.

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Reward should be distributed according to the trading activity in the specific pools, not distributed arbitrarily according to some voting. A good policy is one that is consistent and predictable.

Welcome to decentralized finance… Your always welcome to make a proposal and see if people agree with you.

I generally find the people who are most vocal happen to be the people with the least skin in the game - meaning hold the least stake in the protocol.

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So what happens to the people holding GME for example? Do they lose their funds?