Discussions integrated to Mirror Voting frontend

This thread is meant to gather initial reactions to an idea prior to filing it as a proposal.

Problem Statement: The Mirror voting protocol doesn’t make it easy for users to understand the pros and cons of what they are voting for. Some proposals do list threads for discussion but most don’t seem to. Given the incentive to vote for the sake of voting rewards, this incentivizes mindless voting.

Example: I just saw the voting option for listing the BofA mAsset and noticed that (so far) it has mostly negative votes. This doesn’t make intuitive sense to me so I did a cursory look on the forums for possibly some background and I couldn’t find anything. If there is ‘wisdom’ in the crowd behind this decision, it’s completely lost on me.

MVP Proposed solution:

  1. When creating a poll, it should be part of the creation flow to specify an existing thread for discussions (whether pre-existing or automatically created), possibly within this forum.
  2. When visualizing a vote, the Mirror UI could show (possibly at the bottom), the actual conversations going on about this proposal by calling upon the thread specified during creation (and possibly other threads that seem relevant using key search terms like the Poll ID).

Fancier solutions would involve a more structured discussion format that allows for specifying benefits and risks, pros and cons, etc, but I think the MVP solution above is fairly easy to implement and get us significantly farther than we are right now.