Disparaging article on Bloomberg

Hello everyone. This is a proposal to react to the article published on Bloomberg on 6 July where Mirror ( and Synthetix) were presented as merely trading ‘fake stocks’ and the risks associated with block chain: Bloomberg - Are you a robot?. I believe that mass media intoxication of the kind does little to advance our cause ( all things Terra) and the cause of power to the people in general. From my point of view, we can not just sit back and let such articles sift into the mainstream. Please feel free to share ideas.

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And this one on Yahoo: Synthetic Stock Trading Popularity Growing in DeFi Sector

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Any publicity is good publicity–the recent moves in the price of Luna is a good reflection of that.

Beyond that, I think the best thing that can be done is to ensure mAssets maintain their peg–and that is outside of our control.

Plus, I think Do Kwon does a great job speaking for the project.

Otherwise, supporting funding proposals for more publicity / marketing is also a good idea.


To be fair to Bloomberg: The same day the fake stocks article was published, Bloomberg columnist Matt Levine discussed mAssets in a much more positive way

To quote myself from the discussion in discord:

IMO Matt Levine’s column in his Bloomberg Newsletter Money Stuff was much more objective and actually pretty fun to read
He is also way more influential than a random news article on their site. His newsletter is so hyped in TradFi, they made a NYT profile of him
so he called mAssets “tokenized, minting-burning-and-arbitrage-based version of cash-settled swaps” (rather than fake stonks), and a lot of his readers will like that just for the aesthetics

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I agree, any publicity is good publicity. But what if we all left our comments on such articles ? I think a lot of people have no idea what stable coins can achieve. Here’s mine:

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Thanks a lot. Very educational and well written. Would have gone under my radar. Much better.

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Overall seems pretty positive - most press is good press

It got me here! I couldn’t type in mirror fast enough after reading it.

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