Do you think we should be adding more commodities?

With all this money printing it seems obvious that we are going to see some inflation. Most assets we have now on Mirror are from US stocks but it would be nice to have more exposure to assets that perform well in inflationary environments like commodities. In the current form the MIR price seems quite correlated to the US stock market (MIR price seem to often catch up with the price of the major US indexes). What do you think?

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Copper is a very important commodity to the global economy… Could be an interesting one to mirror

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I would be interested in more commodities (in a general sense). At present I’m in the ‘hold off until we see v2 release’ camp.

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@josephsavage I agree and have been spending a lot time explaining why we really need to hold off on this. Derivatives pricing is very complex and most oracles don’t allow for it. Futures were not mean’t to be long-term holds, they are hedges and therefore have rolls that cost money and would be a nightmare for minters without proper planning. Sadly Lumber futures proposal was sent through without any of these thoughts and most likely will fail. So It would be great to really plan this and make it work.


GOLD for sure…
I was expecting to see it the first I came across MIRROR , but nope.

I think mIAU is tracking gold.

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I agree that commodities are interesting and there could be a bigger selection of that.
There is already a fair selection of gold, silver, oil, and probably soon lumber futures.

At the end of this crypto bullmarket or when it is at higher peaks again, I will surely try to increase my share in a commodity liquidity pools a bit and sell some of the more volatile crypto. It would not harm if there is more commodities to choose from.