Farm button is always greyed

I want to short farm mSLV tokens with my USTC as collateral. But when I want to confirm, the “Farm” button is grey and cannot be clicked. I have enough USTC to pay tx fees, the time is in open hours (and I also tried all through the day), and collateral amount and ratio are consistent.
Is it still possible to short farm on Classic network? Is there a bug? How can I do?
Thank you.

Short farming has not been possible since Band Protocol turned off the price oracle in August

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Bad news, but thank you for the answer.

I can’t also get long farm ? have mistake when confirm through terra station

The tax change broke some dapp interfaces. I’ve found that some no longer work from the website using the terra station browser extension. Switching to xdefi fixes some, but for others I’ve had to run my own terra.js script. It’s a headache, but I’ve been able to add to mir-ust long farm this way

Oh, that’s great, I’m also want to fame mGlxy / mdot