Farming pools incentives from community fund

Hello, id like to discuss and understand how we can use a portion of the mirror community pool to create farm pools on other projects like pancakeswap, sushiswap etc for MIR/BUSD MIR/UST MIR/USDC what are your thoughts on this and how would we go about it?

Another way to incentivize more early on in the project where it is vital to grow is the solution of decreasing or removing delta neutral strategies and locating some of the funds from the community pool into the mirror platform pool farming to increase it again and gain more users/liquidity as we get more pairs.

Thoughts guys? I’m considering making a pool to use the community funds for a MIR/BUSD pair on pancakeswap

Hey ! Have a look at our thoughts for bridging tokens to Solana and having incentives for liquidity on ATRIX to utilize Serums Order-book Decentralized Exchange. This can include MIR/USDC market, and other Mirror assets to bolster the ecosystem.