Force one poll at a time?

Just joined, so apologies if it has been discussed.

I was wondering what people thought of just forcing one poll at a time rather than having a couple concurrently. For example I see a bunch of polls where extra assets were proposed that have been rejected.

By the looks of it, it was not because there were more votes for no, but because there weren’t enough votes for yes. I was surprised to see that polls that asked for extra assets didn’t get through where having more assets would make this platform more attractive.

I just voted in one of the polls, but the problem is I don’t currently have enough MIR to vote in the other poll and I suspect that’s an issue for other people, unless of course I am misunderstanding something.


hi @Trinity,

you can vote with the same staked MIR in all currently open proposals.

I think Mirror governance needs to be quicker not slower as well.