! fraud alert poll 177!

To the community,
Please vote no on poll 177. The recipient is asking for 5% community burn and in the poll itself he is directing 2.75m mirror from community poll to a non burn address.

I don’t know who is running the mirror twitter account but those info should be shared immediately because people are unaware and they are voting yes to this poll.

I would recommend the team should monitoring the protocol closely , work on developments and advice the community by social medial( mirror twitter ) because one fraud of this size will send the protocol down and will kill the trust.


Proof this is a regular wallet and not a burn address:


This is exactly the same guy who created poll 169 & poll 173 to re-weight mDOT & mBTC to 0.01. I tried very hard to warn that this guy is trying to tear down Mirror protocol one piece at a time. Yet few would recognize it and just keep blindly vote YES for his fraudulent proposals. And the Mirror team is totally silent? What a shame!


It appears to be an attack on the ecosystem, but the community came together well to stop it. Should 177 have passed, it could have crushed people’s confidence in Mirror and could have led to a massive token dump. I think ultimately though, this will make people more vigilant and discerning when they vote.

At the same time, there needs to be other tools for reporting and preventing scams directly on the Governance page rather than having individuals risk losing their MIR to warn the community of scammers.

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I responded to your other post in detail. No one is risking the Mir collateral because every vote meets quorum since we started buying votes on the protocol.

Your argument is refuted by a number of polls (98, 99, 100, 102, 104, 105, 106) where quorum was not reached despite the ability to earn MIR tokens at the time. If it was so easy to make money by creating random polls, we’d see a lot more random polls.

Also, considering it is MIR Governance with (some) people with a stake in the protocol taking the time to review polls and vote, I don’t see the issue with paying people for their time. Most protocols pay people just to stake, the staking rewards for MIR are pretty low versus other protocols, and staking is required to govern and vote.

Also, do government legislators not get paid to create, review, and enact policies? We’re not talking about paying random people on the streets here with no stake in the protocol to swing the vote one way or another like political parties do.

Though it could be done better than merely giving rewards based on size of stake, a process could be developed by which proposals would require more details and effort to create and people voting would need to put in more effort reviewing and voting.

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We do see random polls. That is exactly what all these text polls are or whitelisting the exact same asset. Stop by discord and hear it from the mods. Many of them have blatantly said many of these polls are to milk rewards.

You have to balance the cost benefit and this is exactly what you get when you pay everyone to cast a vote. Look right at the record. After those two “scam” alerting proposals were posted you still had people voting yes for the burn proposal. That means you have people just clicking to vote without reading because they clearly just want to capture the Mir rewards.

A legislator who produces legislation for which the public votes is comparable in that we would be the voting public not the legislator. Do we pay the public to vote for legislation? It is one thing to pay the person who crafts the legislation, not pay everyone to simply read a paragraph and click yes or no.

It simply could be programed that to remain in the governance poll you have to vote for a certain percentage of the proposals instead of incentivizing mass voting. In the end I am becoming more indifferent as Mir is not a good investment. I do not personally hold much Mir as there is little reason to ever hold a token with no utility (and we just voted out its only utility as collateral) solely emitted as rewards. You lose money when emotion is involved in investment ideology. Sadly Mirror is on a downward trajectory from many broken issues. I just noticed we are now below 1 billion TVL and have been on a consistent decline.