Frequency of Governance rewards?

while I see the APY of the governance, as the rewards are automatically restaked it has me wondering how often it generates/restakes the rewards? is it daily/weekly/hourly/millisecondly/etc?

I’m assuming the APY is taking compounding into consideration, if so I’m curious as to the non-compound apy, and if it does not factor the compound in, I’m curious as to the post-compound APY.

(and I realize that the APY fluctuates but I still like to do the math with all my crypto holdings, it’s fun)

Same issue, and I see nowhere in the documentation what the staking period and record are.

I suspect that the staking is measured by converting your MIR balance to UST and then awarding the rewards in UST, from what I see, I had a variable reward amount over a period of 3 hours.

I would be greatly disappointed if this feature is either buggy or it is rewarded in UST, although the latter does not make much sense.

the rewards are in MIR, added to the staked balance. I’ve been watching for the last few days and my balance goes up over time, so at least it’s not in UST

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So the rewards have been coming in irregularly nad with different amounts, exactly as expected once I understood they are not awarded hourly or by block. On average, the first week of tracking them is yielding the correct APR amounts.

MIR Staking reward come in irregular intervals. They only occur when any CDP owner does a withdraw collateral transaction or close their CDP. 1.5% of withdrawn collateral is converted to MIR and gets distributed to MIR stakers on governance.

This means that during weekends or holidays, when most markets are closed, there will be significantly less reward than other days. Plus, the APR is calculated based on the average amount of MIR reward from the last 15 days. Right now APR is more than 100% since a lot of people closed their mVIXY positions due to stock split event.

MIR rewards over the pat 15 days show the numbers are accurate: At around 60% staking rewards now, this is about 0.17% per day, my average is in that range.

Date % Increase
1-Jun 0.00
2-Jun 0.01
3-Jun 0.42
4-Jun 0.72
5-Jun 0.00
6-Jun 0.00
7-Jun 0.32
8-Jun 0.32
9-Jun 0.14
10-Jun 0.05
11-Jun 0.28
12-Jun 0.12
13-Jun 0.00
14-Jun 0.32
15-Jun 0.00
AVE: 0.18

If you vote, do you still earn rewards while tokens are locked for the poll duration?

No. However, each poll lasts only two weeks, I believe, or 10 days, so that means you would not be missing out on significant rewards.

For more clarification, a poll can be closed early due to the quorum and threshold being met before end date and time?

I have not seen that happen, polls run through their full time and tokens are released after.

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