Good Ideas? Bad Ideas? Lets create a list of assets and prioritize them

I am not a big stock trader and I’m just a HODLer. I own a handful of stocks and haven’t sold since I bought them, and mostly just add to my existing positions over time. However, I think we need to create a list of mAssets to prioritize for whitelisting on Mirror. We constantly see people complaining (at least on Discord) that there aren’t any good assets available, but they don’t suggest any to list. What are some good stocks? I have created the below list as a starting point. We seem to have a lot of tech stocks, so I tried to stray from those for the most part, even though I love my tech. :sweat_smile: I am not in love with any of these listed, so please, if one is absolute crap and we shouldn’t list it… SAY SO. If you think one should be listed but it isn’t on this list… SAY SO. We will get nowhere if we don’t start somewhere, so please, start by replying below.


Ticker Name Category
SBUX Starbucks J
JCI Johnson Controls International H
MNST Monster Beverage Corporation J
HD Home Depot G
STZ Constellation Brands J
CCL Carnival Cruiselines G
KTOS Kratos Defense & Security A
KO Coca-Cola Company J
SMG Scott-Miracle Gro J
CAG ConAgra Brands J
TSN Tyson Foods J
CVAC CureVac B
DIS Walt Disney Company G
WMT Walmart J
NKE Nike G
COST Costco J


Ticker Name Category
ICLN iShares Global Clean Energy ETF E
COPX Global Copper Miners ETF F


Ticker Name Category Note
SOL Solana - possibly unnecessary, SOL native via wormhole?

Please denote the category by the letter as indicated below.

A - Technology (electronics, software, etc.)
B - Health Care (biotechnology, medical device manufacturers, etc.)
C - Financials (banks, investment funds, insurance, etc.)
D - Real Estate (residential/industrial/retail rent income)
E - Energy (oil, gas, clean energy, etc.)
F - Materials (mining, refining, chemical, forestry, etc.)
G - Consumer Discretionary (retailers, apparel, media, services, etc.)
H - Industrials (construction, manufactured products/equipment, etc.)
I - Utilities (electric/water/gas providers, etc.)
J - Consumer Staples (food, beverage, everyday essentials, etc.)
K - Telecommunication (cable, internet, wireless, satellite, etc.)

Note - If it helps, I was able to copy/paste Excel tables directly into this forum post to get the formatting you see above.


I think spot commodities should be promoted – one of the major complaints about traditional markets is the difficultly/danger for 1. retail investors to trade exchange commodities and 2. the lack of “spot” trading options.

Example: Oil
You can’t trade spot oil. You can approximate with USO but USO had to overhaul their futures purchasing because they got too big so it even less represents spot oil. On the other hand, the spot oil data feed is readily available which is all Mirror needs.

This would create something novel and unique for Mirror rather than just copy/pasting TradFi. It would also at much more as a trading tool rather than all these brand name companies/cryptos that people just buy and hold (which generates few fees).


That’s a good point! If Mirror can provide something that traditional markets can’t, that’s definitely something that should be explored further. I am not familiar, what ticker and listed exchange would we need to add a spot commodity like that to Mirror?


I think that SOL would be a great asset to add. bSOL will becoming to anchor and a bSOL-mSOL trading pair will help keep the bSOL properly pegged.

(bSOL will be great to have!) However, bSOL-mSOL wouldn’t do anything for keeping bSOL pegged, as that happens on Lido’s side. Lido may have it set up to work with a stSOL-SOL pool on Curve, similar to how the bETH peg works (stETH-ETH pool on Curve). I wonder if upon implementing the Wormhole, native SOL would even be able to be bridged over to the Terra side. If we then have native SOL on chain, we could have a SOL-bSOL LP without the need for a mirrored asset. Just something to consider, but I will add it to the list with the note. :+1:

I disagree. The bEth-mEth pool on terraswap adds more inertia to keep bEth pegged. When it loses its peg in that pool arbitrages can take advantage of the different in price.

bETH is pegged to stETH 1:1, regardless of the bETH-mETH pool. There is no deviance from that. What you are talking is not de-pegging but it is indeed arbitrage opportunity based on the value in that pool against the mETH asset, which is different.

bETH is not pegged 1:1 with eth. There is deviation that happens during liquidations occur on anchor. stETH-ETH pools on curve can help redeem the peg. A mETH-bETH on terra can do the same

Correct, it is definitely not pegged 1:1 with ETH, it is pegged 1:1 with stETH. bETH’s UST value on Anchor has 0 effect on the bETH:stETH peg on Lido because it can always be exchanged exactly 1:1 for stETH. When bETH’s UST value on Anchor differs from the stETH-ETH LP value on Curve, that creates an arbitrage opportunity because of the exchange rate you are referring to, which has nothing to do with what I was initially referring to. Two different things. Regardless, let’s not get further off-topic as this post is meant for Mirror assets.

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From Deezith on Mirror Discord:

We need to drastically reconsider what assets we propose on Mirror.

One of the asset types I think we should avoid proposing are dividend stocks. Holding a dividend stock without receiving any dividends takes on a whole new level of risk while limiting upside since dividends contribute to that. Not saying we want to completely avoid dividend stocks, but we should have a much stronger selection of non-dividend paying stocks than we currently do. The inability of receiving dividends could deter new users from using the protocol which is why I think proposals going forward should consider this effect.

Also why are we proposing crypto assets like SOL, CAKE, and STT? Mirror is meant to give access to markets users previously cannot access, this random assortment of crypto assets don’t seem to fit Mirror’s use case since if a user is already using Mirror they would likely be able to trade these assets if they wanted to. Also, Wormhole will allow Terra users to trade SOL which makes it unnecessarily redundant on Mirror, and STT is already part of our ecosystem so again it would be highly redundant.

In addition to proposing non-dividend paying stocks, I think we should recognize that younger-generation and technology-focused stocks would likely appeal more to Mirror users given the nature of crypto-degens… we also have a potential influx of Wall Street Betters (ultimate degens) and want to have a good selection for when they arrive.

Here is a list I would proposing from just to build out a strong foundation:

CMG - Chipotle
SPOT - Spotify
PYPL - Paypal
PLTR - Palintir
U - Unity
ETSY - Esty
SHOP - Shopify
SNOW - Snowflake
LMND - Lemonade
Z - Zillow
UBER - Uber
DASH - Doordash
LCID - Lucid Motors
SNAP - Snapchat

Also a bit surprising the S&P 500 isn’t on Mirror yet


S&P 500 IS on Mirror already…

This falls into the bucket of “you don’t need to post the idea in discord, you can just make a proposal”. No one is doing it because Band isn’t making oracles for what we have already.

If you want it to possibly show up, then make a proposal.

Love these lists of ‘here is what we need that we don’t have’ that include several things we already have. I saw you removed NKE from his list (already in your list) as well as NFLX and AMD but you missed ABNB and SPY (S&P 500).

I posted his message exactly as it was sent to me, as requested.

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I started this thread to help create a list of ‘wanted’ mAssets. The goal is to get feedback on which assets should be added to the list, and which should be removed. We should avoid reactions of “you did this wrong” or “you did that wrong” to people who are new to Mirror and actually want to contribute rather than simply complain and leave like some others have. Duplicates don’t hurt anything either.

Lets just focus on building a good reference list for those that want to list more assets. :+1:

Main Point: Should any be removed/added to the main post up above?

I think that could be interesting to whitelist hydrogen etfs on hydrogen like L&G Hydrogen Economy UCITS ETF (Ticker: HTWO) or VanEck Vectors Hydrogen Economy UCITS ETF (Ticker: HDRO). Could be disruptive in the next years as an alternative to traditional batteries…

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Yeah I agree with this. Also, we need more commodities period IMO. I’d like to see some Agriculture and possibly Uranium

Hey folks. I continue to believe it is not a matter of how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ a stock is. Goldman Sachs, AMD and Coinbase have all less than 30.000 UST volume or Mirror Protocol. There is no point in listing new assets if very few people trade them. First of all, we need a Mirror Protocol app for ios/ android. It has to be at least as good, intuitive and easy to use as Robinhood or Revolut. Second, we need to go big on search engine optimization, youtube, influencers, etc. No one will trade on Mirror if no one has heard of it. Once we have these two points cleared, we stand a chance of having a strong user case and token. Otherwise, we’ll have a token floating in a sea of obsolescence, with the occasional new version update saving it from drowning. Bottom line is, it’s up to each and every one of us that this becomes and stays successful and competitive. Peace.

TBC: Any S&P500 ETF will also have Dividends. But I do agree that if the goal of Mirror is not to replicate dividends, and thus limit itself to just mirror growth equities (which could be ok since there are quite a few) then we should attempt to whitelist the type of stocks that you mention.

I do think that in the long run, if we want the Mirror protocol to grow beyond growth stocks we need a way to replicate dividend payouts.

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i think the user is no more active

I agree. Dividends payouts to begin with. Who knows, part of V3 ?