Good Ideas? Bad Ideas? Lets create a list of assets and prioritize them

It doesn’t look like it allows me to edit the post anymore. Not sure if you just can’t edit them after a certain amount of time has gone by or what. :man_shrugging: Feel free to reply to the post with ideas as you’ve all been doing though!

We might look into adding an ALT coin index for Defi. We can advertise it as a safer way to tap into the defi, alt coin world.

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The bEth-mEth pool on terraswap adds more inertia to keep bEth pegged

Idk, everything is so correlated to btc. Look what happened today, all these dropped 10% almost exactly:


Etc etc etc

Index things make more sense for stocks, I feel.

Although honestly, everything is just correlated to fed movements at the end of the day. But more true variation in equities at least

I think adding more indexes for stocks would be a good idea, there are tons of individual stocks right now but the only index currently in there is the S&P500 and that only covers US stock. I suggest adding somthing more global like the MSCI World, MSCI ACWI or even the MSCI ACWI + Frontiers. Frontier Market indexes also might be a good idea (for example something like the MSCI Frontier Markets Index) since there are very few to no ETF on frontier markets.

For Crypto I Suggest Whitlisting Total Crypto Market Cap that way you could invest in crypto as a whole without having to buy a bunch of individual coins. Maybe Even a version without bitcoin so you could invest in altcoins a whole.

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Hi, my ideas are:
SRG (SNAM), Cat: E (stocks)
HTWO Cat: E (etf)
HDRO Cat: E (etf)

All of these are focused on hydrogen industry (production, transport…) and energy production. IMHO an industry that will grow a lot in the next years

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Hi, new here, been using Mirror here and there, but not loving the current asset mix tbh.

I’m not sure individual stocks are the long term answer, I wonder if going in that direction was a reaction to the success of platforms like Robinhood and the day trading euphoria that took hold early covid.

Most investors aren’t liquid enough to be safely diversified and warrant investing in individual stocks, so it seems kind of unnecessary to have so many. Bag holders would bring stability to the platform, not small consolidated yolo bettors on tech stocks.

I’m kind of shocked there’s only a handful of ETF options, and very few risk off assets - lots of exposure to hyper growth FAANG/QQQ type assets. Is this a function of the dividend dilemma?

Whether you’re a US based bag holder or someone outside the US who doesn’t have access to US markets, and you’re buying into the inflation narrative, RSI/Buffett indicators, etc. - you probably don’t want to stick a nest egg/bag in singular volatile, overbought, high (record setting) P/E stocks.

You want risk off assets, capital preservation, until another rotation into crypto, or better for Mirror - a different equities sector (healthcare, IT, banking, consumer staples, real estate, etc.). The ability to rotate into risk off/safer assets from highly volatile crypto is what makes Mirror so intriguing to me. Even as a US resident with easy access to brokerage accounts, rotating bags from crypto to US equities takes time and money - things I don’t like to waste, things you can’t afford to waste when opportunities in crypto come and go so quickly.

I’d like to see more diversified mAssets, I think you’d see a lot more hodling if we broadened the etf options.

How about some BRK-B (Berkshire Hathaway B shares)? BND (bonds)? How about sector etf’s like VHT/XBI (healthcare/biotech), VNQ (real estate), XME (metals and mining), KBE (banking/financials), etc?

I’d be much more likely to stick a chunk of money, let it sit, and long farm something like VHT, BRK-B, that gives me diversification, but still allows me to make a bet on a sector to outperform, compared to the riskier/consolidated positions in the mostly tech stocks we have now.


Or just do more ETFs and stuff in gerneral in addion to fully broad etf you could also add other stuff like factor etfs (momentum, value, small cap, quality, …) or sector etfs. Ideally global ones.

I totally agree, it would be very interesting since Hydrogen products and renewable energies in general will probably grow in the next coming years. Companies like air Liquide will be growing for sure.**

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To avoid mistakes:
HTWO is L&G Hydrogen Economy UCITS
HDRO is VanEck Vectors Hydrogen Economy UCITS


You may not agree, but having mSOL and other crypto project makes total sense to me, because having those opens up arbitrage possibilities, which is always good:

  1. it allows arbitragers to make money by trading those (they are happy)
  2. it drastically increases community rewards from trading commissions (LP holders are happy)
  3. it attracts a lot more money (UST supply) to the ecosystem (Lunatics are happy)

Have you considered these all positive side-effects?

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List clean technology stocks, and I don’t mean electrical batteries whose lidmium, cadmium etc. are mined you know where… For example:

Plug Power - hydrogen cells
Li Cycle - recycling electrical batteries ( instead of generating new ones).

And for God’s sake, I hope Mirror V3 will have a mobile version ( Androis/ IOS)…

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We need to stop messing around with listing so many individual stocks and FIRST give people an easy way choose different stock market sectors. Energy (XLE), Utilities (XLU), Health (XLV), etc. Leveraged ETFs are a great idea as well (e.g. SSO, UST) because higher volatility means more trading and more LP fee accrual – plus they typically have very low dividends which would otherwise be lost to the synthetic asset holders.

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Another thing that could be listed is more exoctic stuff or stuff based on other assets.
One idea I had was listing ² or squre root version of assets.
A ² (it would just report the regular price squared) version of an asset is like a leveraged version but unlike say a leverged ETF it is applied all the time not just on on a daily (or whatever time frame) basis, and it also means there are no liquidation (for people who buy and hold the asset). A ² asset unlike other forms of leverage always returns postive if holding the unterlying is positive even if it goes down in between. If I buy BTC² when BTC is at 50k(BTC²=2 500 000 000) it drops to 10k(BTC²=100 000 000) but I hold before it goes back up to 60k(BTC²=3 600 000 000) I would have still turned a profift.
Squre Root Asset on the other hand would do the opposite and reduce risk and returns, I don’t think ther’s anything right now that can provide this form of “Anti leverage”.
Also if squring things is to extreme we could always do somthing like ^1,5 instead.