Governance Vote ID:154 - Whitelist Netflix?

Why has this vote been proposed when mNFLX already exists within Mirror?

I don’t see any other mechanism than to vote no in order to decline it. Is there any other way we could check for duplicates at the proposal entry stage?


acually I think people propose new assets to keep the votation active and allow the active stakers to have more benefits.
It would be good to agree on a list in the forum. I dont like to vote no cause the proposer would be charged the cost but we need to stop with duplicates.


They are only charged the cost if it fails to meet quorum, so by all means vote no.

But maybe they SHOULD be charged the cost anyway. If their proposal adds zero value to the protocol, by proposing to whitelist something that is already listed, then why should voting on it be rewarded?

Essentially, people are ‘vote farming’ at this point instead of actually engaging in governance. That’s very concerning behaviour.


we can have a topic to see what makes sense to propose.
Governance farming is ok atm cause at least rewards more the stakers but is not the business…
in my opinion meth allow arbitraging with beth and neth so it is extremely useful.
Same for all POS cryptos in perspective: we could whitelist all.
I would like to experiment a synth of native token to hedge by shorting. Example: I want to hold VLK but at 2.5 I would have liked to hedge and not sell. Is there any other way to hedge or leverage without having mirror synth? In here the oracle would be our distributed ledger but i fear manipulation when a token has no liquidity so we should take this into account.

What I would particularly like to see is a different governance mechanism with a fairer rewards structure for mAsset proposals vs protocol governance.

Given that there is no correlation between a whitelisting proposal and whether the parameters are ever registered and the mAsset being available to trade skews the governance towards vote farming rather than incentivising value for the protocol.


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