Has mirror become a SCAM?

it’s still not possible to close short position. You cannot withdraw the collateral. I would accept losing the money to mismanagement, but losing the money due the bloody protocol is a huge disappointment indeed

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I am in the same boat. I am so disappointed

I was able to close positions, good luck everyone

It’s really our own fault voting to deploy code no one had seen. I could have noticed myself that vote was for two contracts. Not just the one controlling rewards. I have a few more details I can discuss after some sleep.

I am not positive this is a scam yet. It is stupid I can tell you that. There are now three contracts running on top of your money that nobody has seen the source for and nobody is explaining what the changes are. I have ask all over the place for the source code. right now who know what’s going to happen next.

dude stop fudding. can withdraw collateral and locked ust already. they just migrated the ust into the new contract.

haha, please put some more in then so I can withdrawl. and where is your information coming from since nobody will talk to me.

Actually somebody did just put some more money in? That is not how contract migrations work though. Something funny is happing. I have been trying for 24 hours to get all of my stuff out.

Somebody could just simple explain if its not a scam. then i would have to lose a bunch doing the wrong thing.

I’ve had no issues opening/closing positions today. Yesterday was hit or miss because of the traffic.
I’ve done literally everything, even claimed some UST from short farming. Your problems are on your end. It does seem like a lot of people report a similar problem, but I have yet to reproduce it myself.

do you seen these?. they happen because there was almost zero dollars in the contract. you would have to wait until some entered before you could exit. Now there has been a million dollar placed there.

If you are fine running on contacts nobody has seen you are brave. Most people even require an audit. I am out now after that million was placed there. Good luck everyone. I’ll come back after source has been release and the attitude towards safety changes.

were you able to close position

Yes. Monitor this contract. If it shows more than the locked value in your short position you can close. You are competing against everyone else that reads this. Good luck.

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anyone from the MSC care to offer their comments on this?

Is this to close a short farm position and/or claim the locked UST?

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If so then guessing this UST is locked in Anchor and needs to be refilled.

Hi, thanks for your insight, can you explain a little more please?

Anchor has nothing to do with the contracts that are currently on github. The lock contract is suppose to hold the short position funds in ust until they are unlocked. The lock contract is the one I have been referencing in all my post. The problem is now that the latest poll included a migration to that contract. It should not have. The text of the poll had nothing to do with locks. Clearly something is up. I am really kicking my self for not noticing that when I first saw the poll and adding extra warnings. The two contracts have been deploy and we have no idea what they do because nobody is releasing the source. Now does anybody reading this think things are on the up and up?

Please correct any errors I have made.

Poll: Mirror

Lock contract: Terrascope

Github for the lock contract. Meaningless now because it is not what is deployed. :mirror-contracts/contracts/mirror_lock at main · Mirror-Protocol/mirror-contracts · GitHub

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Can we fix it? Put up a new poll with the appropriate code etc.

It is possible. We need somebody else’s opinion and/or somebody that knows more than me. I am just stating what I can see and understanding of the old contracts.

But the money is missing. That’s reason you can’t close is your money is missing. I have been noticing another contract I am sure is from the mirror team that was deployed about 15 hours ago that is depositing money every now and then through a weird low leveraged positions. That is part of how I was able to exit. I think they are trying to correct it possibly. Or they are trying a larger rug pull. I don’t know.